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Blue Smoke

Our Mission

We deliver the core capabilities to run a world-class insurance agency with world-class technology.

Different by Design

Proven Capabilities - btcore was born out of the borrowedtyme community, for agents and brokers. The core capabilities provided within the btcore offering are first designed, tested, and successfully implemented by borrowedtyme members before they make it into the commercial btcore solution. After capabilities are validated by borrowedtyme agents in a production environment, they are then delivered and released to btcore customers.

One Team, One Platform - btcorecloud brings everyone within your agency on the same platform which aligns the team on a single source of truth.  From sales to service to accounting, the agency team can orchestrate the customer experience through every interaction.  btcore removes the clunky experience of navigating multiple applications.  Your data and processes are on one unified experience and designed to align your team. Stop the madness of having your producers using one system and your account managers on another system.  

Client Focused - btcore is designed as a customer-first solution.  Traditional agency management systems focus on policy management and often fall short of representing the entire story of the client experience with the agency. btcore is structured to support all elements of prospect and client engagement.  It captures the client story and reinforces the importance of team selling on relationships.

Work Colleagues

Company Overview

In 2020, an independent agent in Ohio ran three different agency management systems they had secured through multiple agency acquisitions.  They searched the market for a replacement solution that would provide them with a solid foundation for the future.  After evaluating all the traditional players in the market, they were disappointed with what they found and knew it was time for a change.

They had already been using Salesforce as their customer relationship management (CRM), and after many years of use, they understood the power of the offering.  It was more than a CRM - it was a leading cloud platform with a growing innovation community.  

They went on to build out the capabilities to run an independent agency on Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and successfully moved to the platform - replacing all three of the traditional agency management systems they were running.  In the end, they had achieved the goal and now operate the entire agency on a single platform.  

In 2022, they formed a consortium to share the solution with like-minded agencies.  The consortium is called borrowedtyme. The agencies within borrowedtyme have defined, ideated, and developed the capabilities that now make up the btcore offering.  The capabilities are implemented and proven within the consortium before being released in the commercial btcore offering.  This is critical to the success of the platform.  

btcore has been designed by agents, for agents, and it provides insurance agents and brokers with the core cloud capabilities to operate at a world-class level. 

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