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Btcore Salesforce Services

Implementation, Custom Development, and
Ongoing Support Services

Our Team

Our services team comprises highly experienced professionals who provide personalized implementation, data migration, and support services for btcorecloud customers. The team is well-versed in both insurance and various technologies, including Salesforce, AWS, Microsoft, Adobe, DocuSign, and more. They take a personalized approach to each engagement, working closely with agencies to understand their unique needs and challenges. The team of developers and support staff have been working together for many years in the insurance industry and have a proven track record of helping agencies migrate their operations from legacy agency management systems to btcorecloud.

btcore Implementations

The btcorecloud implementation services team provides comprehensive assistance to independent agencies transitioning from a traditional agency management system to Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. They understand that this transition can be complex and overwhelming for agency staff. The team works closely with agencies to assess their unique needs, design a customized implementation and data migration plan, and execute the plan promptly and efficiently.  We are committed to helping clients maximize the benefits of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, such as improved client engagement, streamlined operations, and enhanced reporting capabilities. With our expertise and guidance, independent agencies can finally transition to a more modern and effective agency management platform.

btcore Support

At btcorecloud, the team is committed to providing exceptional service and support to agencies even after the implementation is complete. Agencies can rely on the production support team to provide prompt and efficient responses to any issues that may arise. The production support services team provides regular btcorecloud updates, performance monitoring, and issue resolution services.  They offer a variety of support options, including phone and email support, remote assistance, and onsite support when necessary.

Custom Salesforce Development

At btcorecloud, the team of Salesforce experts can assist independent agents with custom Salesforce projects, such as building a direct-to-consumer portal or other insurance capabilities on Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. With extensive experience in Salesforce technology, we can help provide design templates and develop custom solutions to deliver the customer experience you have planned for your customers.  Whether building a custom portal for direct-to-consumer sales or partnering with an insurance company to provide new insurance capabilities on Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, we have the team that can deliver it and make the most of your investment in btcorecloud and Salesforce.

Designers Working Together
Customer Support Representative
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