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Reports & Dashboards

Achieve greater visibility into your sales funnel (pipeline) by leveraging btcore and Salesforce’s out-of-the-box reporting and dashboard capabilities for agency principals, producers, account managers, and service professionals. Every account, opportunity, policy, renewal, claim, task, case, bill, commission, payable, and so much more is tracked through dashboards that inform your agency about the health and status of client relationships and overall agency performance.  

Good news fast, bad news faster.  Have the right information at your fingertips to discuss win/loss rates by carrier, producer pipeline activities, and service transactions with key accounts. It all starts with providing your team with the tools to run the entire agency on a single cloud platform.

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All submission-related data automatically retained when moving a prospect to a customer

All of the information gathered for the prospect during the sales process is automatically retained in the opportunity and customer record once the new business is closed. 
Key customer relationship data including all activities and notes, schedules, carrier quotes, loss runs, proposals, emails,  correspondence, and Acord forms, etc. are automatically retained upon closing the business.

The handoff from the sales team to the service team is now seamless with no need for duplicate entries. If you enable policy download with your carriers, then your customer’s policies are downloaded directly from the carrier systems via the AL3 or XML  standard

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Personalized Questionnaires, Applications, & Carrier Supplementals

Utilize the btcorecloud library of insurance questionnaires to provide your team with a flexible and contemporary solution for collecting information about prospects and current customers.  This capability allows producers and account teams to complete the questionnaire on behalf of the client, or send the client an email to complete sections of the questionnaire on their own.  

Carrier Supplementals 

Unfortunately, independent agents and brokers are still required to generate carrier-specific PDF documents.  Btcore provides the capability to pre-fill and generate carrier applications and supplementals from the data gathered through the sales and client questionnaire lifecycle in Salesforce.  Account Executives are able to update and submit these finalized forms to carriers when going to market. 

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One Place to generate all Acord, company-specific, supplemental, Life, Health or Program Business or Speciality Forms. 

Btcore Includes all major Commercial Acord Forms

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