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Applications & Questionnaires

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Apps, Questionnaires, and Carrier Supplementals

btcore provides agents with a library of over 150 insurance forms, carrier supplementals, and questionnaires.  Agents can easily add their own assets to the library as well. These online forms can be configured to prefill with data from Salesforce objects such as Account, Contacts, Policies, and Opportunities.  Custom objects are also supported for mapping.  Once pre-filled, the questionnaire or application can be shared with a client to iterate on together and complete.  All the data is persisted back into Salesforce.

Document Generation from Online Apps & Questionnaires

When a client, account executive, or producer completes an online btcore form, the related documents will generate and be stored in Salesforce.  Agencies can configure how the data is mapped from the online submission form to the related insurance documents.  Variable data, like schedules of drivers, vehicles, locations, buildings, and equipment data are also mapped within btcore to industry standard application forms.

  • Documents are generated from applications, questionnaire, and supplemental form submissions

  • Supports variable schedule data, such as vechicles, drivers, equipment, buildings, locations.

  • Automatically stored for future reference to send to Clients or Underwriters

Stop asking clients to complete the same information every year

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Prefill Renewal Apps for Remarketing

Make things simple for your clients when remarketing at renewal.  With btcore questionnaire and app capabilities you can prefill renewal applications with prior year application submissions.  btcore stores the responses from prior year application gathering efforts and allows the customer to simply update the information that has changed since the last time they submitted an application with you. 

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